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At Simply Automated, Inc, our goal is clear: to provide the easiest to use and highest performing electronics systems as possible. It is important to us that the technology we provide blends into your environment. If products need to be seen, they will have a minimal impact on the beauty of your home. As your technology experts, we utilize industry leading electronics and programming methods so that your house will run virtually on it's own. Of course, you can make manual adjustments on the fly at any time. EvEbrathat is provided by Simply Automated, Inc. is carefully reviewed and studied. We are our industry experts through education and experience.ery brand that is provided by Simply Automated, Inc. is carefully reviewed and studied. We are our industry experts through education and experience.

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Owning a Lighting Control System allows for your house to come alive. With a press of a button or a time of day, your house looks just the way you like. This is beneficial for security and asthitics.


Automation ties everything together. This system is in charge of the smaller systems (HVAC, Lighting, Music, Shading). This will give the smaller systems the intelligence to behave as one large super-system.


Having control over your shading lets you control your privacy, light and temperature in each room. This also protects flooring and furniture from fading. The Majority of the time the shades should adjust automatically.


Having your favorite music come on with a touch of a button can set the mood for any occasion. News in the morning or jazz at night. Easily accessible, great sounding music can enhance any mood.


Bringing the movies home is a wonder experience. With today's technology, you can stay safe and save money by staying home without sacrificing the theatrical WOW factor.


Home security is very popular. Keeping an eye on your home provides peace of mind. Allow our system to turn on the lights, play some music and notify you when someone is on your property without permission.


Programming is what makes our systems so intelligent and easy to use. We get to know you and your daily routine. By having your day to day tasks completed for you, there is a peace of mind that helps you keep your mind on other priorities. Manually adjusting the shades, lights, temperature and locking the doors every day/night can be a labor of your past.

Architect Recommended

"I highly recommend Scott Lumpkin, CEO of Simply Automated. My team and I have worked extensively with him and his company over several years and several high-end design projects for both new construction and renovation work. His unique ability to simplify the use of technology and his design conscious choice of products has been a great asset to our clients and their homes."

~Kevin Schweizer, AIA



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Meet Scott

Scott received his bachelor's degree in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University. He found his passion for quality sound working for Sound Advice in 1998. He eventually relocated to New Smyrna Beach and founded his first company in 2003. From there he has earned more than 57 industry certifications from prominent associations such as THX as a certified theater contractor, HAA (Home Acoustics Alliance) where he learned to master the art of acoustics within a home, CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) where the overall foundation of operating a custom integration company is learned. There are dozens of relevant manufacturer lead certifications as well.

Currently, the CEO Scott Lumpkin is a student at M.I.T. to ensure that he is ahead of the industry by completing courses in IoT, A.I. and many upcoming changes in the technological world. This knowledge is implemented while designing each and every system.


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